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Note that the delivery times appearing on the Website are estimates only and we do not guarantee their accuracy.

Should circumstances arise that may result in a delayed delivery by Parazero, Parazero shall notify you of such circumstances. In the event of a delay which exceeds 30 days, then, as its sole and exclusive remedy, you shall be entitled to cancel the applicable order and receive a refund of payments made by you in connection with such order.

We are not responsible for delays, loss or damage occurring as result of shipments sent to incorrect or invalid addresses. Orders may be returned for various reasons including non-payment of tariffs, incorrect address, if unclaimed at the post office, etc. If a package is returned or rejected, you will be contacted and will have to bear the costs of re-shipment.

Additionally, certain Products may be subject to delivery restrictions and/or custom clearance procedures or requirements. The responsibility to take any action, fill any form or declaration, or pay any applicable fee, as may be required by any applicable laws, rules or regulations at the place of destination of your order, for the custom clearance of any Product, lies entirely with you, and we will not be held responsible or liable for any order which is delayed or returned as a result of any of the foregoing. In the event we are aware of any applicable delivery restrictions and/or custom clearance procedures or requirements, we may notify you of such, however we have no obligation to do so, and we urge you, prior to placing your order, to carefully check any applicable laws, rules or regulations at the place of destination of your order, in order to find out whether there are any restrictions or requirements in connection with any Product you wish to order.

There maybe be restrictions on some shipment to some countries, should there be a restriction preventing delivery of the products, the customer will be notified and refunded.

Packing of the Products shall be made by Parazero at its premises in a way which is sufficient to ensure the safe delivery thereof.

Risk of Loss

Title for the Products shall pass to you upon our receipt of the full payment for the Products.

Please note that we do not insure the packages we send. Accordingly, we are not responsible for any damage or loss to packages at any time or under any circumstance.

You are solely responsible for filing any claims with carriers for damaged and/or lost and/or delayed shipments.

Cancellation of Orders

Prior to such time as an order is shipped and notice of such shipment is provided to your email address, Parazero reserves the right to refuse or cancel an order for any reason, including, without limitation, due to limitations on quantities of Products available for purchase, inaccuracies, or errors in Product’s description or pricing information. In addition, Parazero reserves the right to refuse to process an Order due to suspected fraud or unauthorized or illegal activity. If such is the case, Parazero may reject your order or contact you to confirm your order. Parazero also reserves the right to cancel any Account or refuse to ship to certain addresses due to suspected fraud or unauthorized or illegal activity.

If your order is canceled after you have been charged, Parazero will refund in the amount of the charge. Parazero will contact you if all or any portion of your order is canceled or if additional information is required to accept your order. Parazero may request a pre-authorization for some orders placed in the Online Store with a credit or debit card. This pre-authorization will not be billed to you; however, your card issuer may hold this amount for a short period. Your card issuer determines the length of time the pre-authorization is held.

You may cancel any order (in whole or in part), by sending an email requesting such cancellation to within two (2) days from your purchase, after which point the order is no longer cancellable.

Restrictions on Orders

Parazero reserves the right to limit the quantity of Products purchased per person/entity or per order for any reason. These restrictions may apply to orders placed by the same Account, the same credit card or Paypal account, and also to orders that use the same billing and/or shipping address. Parazero will notify you should such limits be applied. Parazero also reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to prohibit sales to dealers or resellers. For purposes of these Terms, reselling shall be defined as purchasing or intending to purchase any Product(s) from Parazero for the purpose of engaging in a commercial sale of that same Product(s) with a third party.