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SafeAir™ M-600 Drone Safety System for DJI Matrice 600

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  • Parazero’s smart autonomous Matrice 600 safety system.
  • Compatible with all M600 variations including Matrice 600 Pro & Matrice 600 D-RTK.
  • Protects payload, people, property and your brand. SafeAir™ enables BVLOS and autonomous operations.
    Import duties and VAT not included.
  • Deliveries expected in November 2017, on a first order, first supplied basis.
    Enables Drones to Operate Everywhere, Safely.



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Parazero’s SafeAirTM is the only proven UAV recovery system reliable and effective in any emergency situation. Combining the autonomous SmartAirTM capabilities to identify loss of control and decide on recovery, with the patented active parachute deployment, prevents crash at any situation. The patented activation enables unmatched effectiveness at low altitude.

  • SafeAirTM includes SmartAirTM autonomous emergency computer.
  • Mounting design enables installation with 1/3/5 antenna configurations including D-RTK model.
  • User friendly first installation in 15 minutes. Removal and reattachment within seconds using our included manual.
  • Light weight system at only 1.23 kg\2.7 lbs allows flexibility for payload and longer flight times.
  • Automatically activated during emergencies or freefall. Can be manually activated using DJI remote controller expansion kit.
  • Combination of independent sensors, smart computer, and highly effective parachute, prevent loss of control.
  • Includes mounting and necessary installation components.
  • Authorized as safe to transport on commercial flights. Safety pin prevents unintended arming or activation. No risk of uncontrolled activation during handling, maintenance and transportation.

Start flying SafeAir™ now!

SmartAir TerminateAir RED for website

Autonomous recovery system with independent sensors

Industrial grade system with commercial aviation level of reliability


Locate drone after emergency landing and receive emergency log from black box

Visual and audio warning for people on the ground


Compatible with all M600 antenna configurations including D-RTK


ParaZero’s SafeAirTM provides a complete safety net for all commercial  drone applications

SmartAirTM – smart emergency computer, for autonomous recovery, monitors the drone’s systems & flight pattern to deploy safety  measures, including cases of loss of control, free fall, complete loss of Power, and other critical emergencies. Upon identification of emergency, a breach in the drone’s flight envelope, SmartAirTM autonomous emergency computer, shuts down drone engines and activates parachute for energy reduction and risk mitigation.

ParaZero’s SafeAirTM enables drones to operate everywhere. SAFELY.

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SafeAir M-600
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SmartAir TerminateAir RED for website
SmartAir Computer
x 1 (Embedded in SafeAir)
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  1. How do you arm the parachute system?
    A remote control is needed for Arm/ DisArm (Not Included) – it can be either DJI extension, a regular Futaba RC that can have channels configured for the different commands. 
  2. How is the parachute mounted to the airframe?
    It is connected by a dedicated mount, provided with the system, though few screws, and two connectors. The SafeAir can be mounted on all M-600 antenna configurations (including PRO with RTK GPS antennas)

  3. How do you verify the rotors don’t tangle with the parachute wires?
    Upon decision by the SmartAir that the emergency has reached a situation that requires parachute deployment, we will shut down the power to the rotors, before we shoot out the parachute.

  4. What is the altitude loss till parachute open?
    From Trigger, at ISA conditions, and no wind, it is between 4-8 meters, depending on payload weight and atmospheric conditions.

  5. Does the parachute eject automatically?
    Yes, this is a completely autonomous system! The Parachute is triggered automatically using the SmartAir system (with its independent sensors and backup power) depending on a set of parameters. Automatic activation in cases of free fall, breach of roll angle, complete power loss. The parameters configuration can be modified by the user (not recommended to change).
    SafeAir can also be triggered manually by the DJI remote extension or a dedicated remote control.
  6. What will be the expected impact energy based on total weight of the sensor and drone?
    The impact energy is between 69-160 Jules depending on the payload.

  7. How does the SafeAir system interfere with the aircraft GPS?
    It doesn’t. it was designed not to affect the GPS in any manner. Also, it will not hit any antenna

  8. Can I know the location of where the drone crashed?
    It is planned to be enabled before the end of 2017, and requires using the additional battery (supplied with the system) for black box recording.

  9. Can the user program the trigger criteria (angle of bank, etc). How is this done or is this set at the factory? As a policy, it will be set at Parazero. Upon customer demand, Parazero can enable the customer to have an option to re-config the activation parameters and values.

  10. Does the product meet regulation?
    It is aligned with France and Chile known regulation requirements of independent power, independent activation and so on. It also includes the TerminateAir independent Flight Termination System (FTS).

  11. What kind of sensors the system has?
    SmartAir has an onboard IMU with Accelerometer, Gyroscopes, and a barometer sensor.

  12. Do I need to make any changes or modifications on the platform to mount the system?
    The system is a Plug & Play type system. We provide the necessary accessories and information to allow the SafeAir system to seamlessly attach and operate with your drone.

  13. How long does it take to install the system? It takes approx. 15 minutes to a technical person to attach the system first time.
    You can also remove and attach the SafeAir system after the first installation, in a few seconds, with quick release tool-less screws and two easy access connectors.

  14. Can the SmartAir be updated?
    Yes. We will release available firmware updates online and notify you when the update is necessary. In the future, it will be updated using FOTA method
  15. Regarding the engines: during the parachute opening how do they stop? does the SmartAir cut them off?
    The SmartAir system includes the TerminateAir, an independent FTS (Flight Termination System) that will cut off the electrical power to M-600 engines when needed, shortly before deployment.

  16. Is engine cutoff made by the SmartAir or the Drone’s autopilot?
    Engine cutoff is made by ParaZero’s an independent FTS (Flight Termination System) which is connected to the SmartAir system.

  17. Is there any indication that the SafeAir system is ready and armed before takeoff?
    Our systems have built in self check mechanism that alerts the user in case of malfunction prior to take off, through a powerful RGB led, which indicates on its status.

  18. What is the delivery time for a SafeAir product?
    At Presale stage deliveries expected in November, first come, first served. Afterwards, the item is expected to be ready for delivery within 7 days.

  19. Do I need to send the drones to you? Or Is it easy enough to mount the parachutes by ourselves?
    You will install it yourself, easily. The SafeAir product comes with instructions on the easy installation process in a document and an online video. The box will include everything required to install the SafeAir on the drone.

  20. Does the parachute system require power?
    It is powered by the drone’s battery and requires very low energy. For the activation, itself the SafeAir has its independent power, and automatically deploys if the drone power runs out. The system also includes a backup battery to record after the parachute was deployed for debrief purposes (black box).

  21. If I add SafeAir system to my drone, will it reduce the insurance cost?
    This is the intention (same as occurred in the car industry). Please check with your insurance provider. We are working with several large agencies in creating a standard for a cost reduction for customers equipped with SafeAir !

  22. With this system, can I now fly over people?
    No matter how safe your aircraft is, we don’t advise users to fly directly above people. However, when regulation permits this, SafeAir significantly reduces the risk involved. It reduces the kinetic energy of impact by factors, it increases the time for people to avoid a falling drone, it has a buzzer that may warn people. It is highly reliable, and reduces the operational risk. Note that some drone operators with Parazero systems on board have received CAA permit to operate BVLOS and autonomously.

  23. Can Parazero SafeAir systems be re-packed after deployment?
    Yes, sometimes, but only by Parazero certified personnel. Same as airbags in cars, SafeAir parachute system is a last resort system. Parazero’s policy, in order to ensure correct and certified packing, the SafeAir is intended for one time use only. Post activation It can be shipped to Parazero, or to our service providers around the globe for examination & repacking. Expected cost will be provided depending on the condition it arrives at, and a after sales agreement you have made with Parazero.

  24. How long can I use the same system assuming I did not deploy it?
    The SafeAir is designed to work for at least 5 years at Proper use, storage and according to instructions to be provided with the user manual.

  25. How should I store my SafeAir when not using it?
    For short periods when in the fields etc the product can support a variety of conditions. But for extended shelf life it is recommended to store it in a dark and dry place. Recommended Storage Temperature 10-27 degrees Celsius

  26. What is the descent rate?
    Between 3.5-4.5msec depending on the payload you are carrying.

  27. How many receiver channels does the launch command require?
    Two channels, one for arming the system and the other to deploy the parachute. You will require the DJI remote extension for that, or Futaba remote control.  
  1. How long is the delay between command and launch?
    The parachute ejects within 0.04 seconds from issuing a command.
  1. How is ParaZero system powered?
    The SmartAir requires an input voltage of between 5-28 Volts, The Parazero TerminateAir FTS includes power converter to operate the SmartAir, all you have to do is to plug the Parazero TerminateAir between the PMU and the Autopilot.
  1. Do you have a “kill switch” for forced power cut off?
    Yes, the system includes the TerminateAir which is an independent Flight Termination System (FTS).
  1. Can I get discount for larger orders? 
    Yes, If you’d like to purchase large volumes please contact us and ask for a discount code.
  1. How Long Are ParaZero Products Under Warranty, and What Does This Cover?
    All ParaZero products have a (1) one year manufacturer warranty, which covers manufacturer related defects, errors or faults with the product at hand. For all warranty related issues, please contact us with your invoice / receipt of purchase, along with a description of the problem, pictures and our team will assist you with any viable warranty solutions.
  1. What Is the Advantage of the “SmartAir” Auto Deployment System?
    It has several advantages:
    Totally autonomies operation – independent breach of flight envelope Identification, Independent flight termination, Independent and automatic Deployment.
    Commercial aviation grade reliability – MTBCF of 10^-7
    Includes an independent Flight Termination System (FTS). It does not have to be connected or integrated with the M-600 flight control system.
    Plug & Play installation

33. Will a SafeAir System Bring My Aircraft Home Without Damage?
Our tests showed that the Orientation of the falling craft influences the result and can result in minor damage such as bend or break a propeller for example. The SafeAir recovery system is planned to greatly diminish the impact energy of your aircraft, reducing damage to a minimum, especially when compared to the alternative damage without the system.

  1. Will the Parachute Get Caught In the Props Upon Deployment?

The SafeAir and SmartAir include the Parazero TerminateAir FTS (Flight Termination System) system. It is designed to cutoff the engine power before the parachute deployment, with very low probability for parachute cords to entangle with propellers. The parachute is also designed to clear from the propellers for maximum levels of safety, allowing the aircraft to be safely recovered.

  1. Will the parachute activation damage the GPS antennas?
    The system was designed not to hit any of the antennas in all configurations.

  2. My drone crashed even though SafeAir activated. Will Parazero replace my drone or safety system?
    While we strive to make the best safety product our there, ParaZero cannot be held liable or responsible for any failure since there are too many factors that can influence performance. The system performance is designed to meet SPEC.
  1. It sounds like the system is primarily powered by the drone, is that correct?
    The system is powered by the drone, with extremely low power consumption that does not reduce flight time. It has independent power that activates parachute deployment, thus after electrical power loss in the drone, the parachute will be deployed. Additionally, the system has a battery for recording drone behavior and sending malfunction log & information, like a blackbox.

  2. Can you provide installation instructions so that we plan time for integrating these units?
    The installation guide will be provided with the SafeAir systems. Basically, it should take less than 15 minutes for first installation. With the D-RTK, it might be slightly longer. Post first installation, removing and re mounting the system takes less than a minutes.

  3. How reliable is your system?
    We pride on years of accumulated experience, hundreds of tests, and over 1400 Parazero units in the field. We have received positive feedback from users that our systems saved their drone. We have a report indicating high reliability of our systems, if you are interested, please contact us for the report.

  4. How do you compare to your competition?
    There is no system compared to ours in low altitude effectiveness, reliability, and product maturity. We have comparison videos from customers, whom after comparison, have selected Parazero system for their superior performance, effectiveness and reliability. Add the patented low altitude SafeAir parachute effectives with the SmartAir independent emergency detection, sensors, and Smart autonomous activation and you get a solution unmatched. Our products are superior in every aspect. For further information and details please contact us.

  5. What is the HS code?

  6. What is the shipping box measurements?
    Height 17 cm
    Width 34cm x 32cm
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