SafeAir 350 (supports MTOW up to 350kg; please contact for pricing)


World-Class, Low Altitude Ballistic Parachute Deployment System


Product Overview


  • SafeAir 350 ballistic parachute recovery system

  • For weight classes up to 350kg MTOW

  • Designed for Urban Air Mobility, heavy lift, multirotor, VTOL, crewed and uncrewed aerial platforms

  • SmartAir Pro on-board computer includes integrated IMU (gyro, accelerometer, magnetometer, barometer, temperature, humidity)

  • Fully autonomous emergency detection via SmartAir Pro on-board computer

  • Autonomous triggering system (ATS)

  • Flight termination system (FTS)

  • Effective low altitude ballistic deployment capability (~15m AGL)

  • Safety pin prevents unintended arming or activation. No risk of uncontrolled activation during handling, maintenance, or transportation

  • Industrial grade system with the level of reliability found in commercial aviation systems


Technical Data


System weight: 9.25 kg (can be reduced)

System volume: 18 liters

IP rating: IP65

Descent rate: Dropped from 15-25 meters- 8m/s; Dropped from 55 meters- 6.4m/s

Maximum parachute load: 350kg

Altitude loss until full canopy deployment:  8-12 meters

Max speed during deployment: 140 KPH

Dimensions: Diameter- 530mm, Height -296mm

Operating temperature range: -35c to +85F

Environmental & performance test: Pass ISO 12097-3 test

Effective from as low as 15 meters altitude

Previous CAA certification


Aaron Gliner