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ParaZero Introduces New Geocaging Functionality Targeting Air Mobility Safety in Restricted Areas

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The new solution provide drone’ safety systems with secure long-range and beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS)

Tel Aviv, Israel–  ParaZero Technologies Ltd. (Nasdaq: PRZO) (“ParaZero”), an aerospace company focused on drone safety systems for commercial drones and urban air mobility aircraft,  announces the addition of a unique safety functionality for its systems to support geocaging capabilities.

The new feature is a crucial part in operating drones and air mobility vehicles in populated and restricted areas and in long-range and beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) operations.

When drones function in restricted zones or exceed their designated areas, they can pose threats to nearby aircraft, individuals or structures. To address these concerns, a standalone geo-restriction feature for drones, known as geocaging, separates the system from other devices on the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV). This feature offers additional positioning resources for tasks demanding a higher level of reliability and accessibility than what is achievable with standard GPS or geofencing methods.

“The operating of drones and UAVs, depends first and foremost on the safety of the surrounding areas and is only allowed by most territories and regulators when equipped with high safety solutions. One of the challenges for drone operators is out-of-area flights and BVLOS that travel to restricted areas. Our new geocaging functionality helps to locate the limits of unauthorized areas and safely guides the drone to avoid collisions with other vehicles and crashes in crowded territories,” said Aaron Gabriel Gliner, Director of Business Development & Regulation of ParaZero.

With the help of ParaZero’s safety technology, a multitude of organizations and drone pilots around the world have gained the regulatory green light for more complex operations. This encompasses not only BVLOS missions but also operations over people (OOP), operations in high-density urban areas and drone-based delivery services. These milestones highlight the crucial role that reliable, quick-response safety systems play in ensuring both the drone’s security and that of the environment it operates in.



About ParaZero Technologies

 ParaZero ( ) is a world-leading developer of autonomous parachute safety systems for commercial drone and urban air mobility (UAM) aircraft. Started in 2014 by a passionate group of aviation professionals and drone industry veterans, ParaZero designs smart, autonomous parachute safety systems designed to enable safe flight operations overpopulated areas and beyond-visual-line-of-sight (BVLOS).