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ParaZero Has Enabled Precedent-Setting Light UAS Operator Certificate Approval in Denmark

DJI M300 with ParaZero SafeAir M300 Pro flying near waterway

The light UAS operator certificate (LUC) approval allows for self-authorized cross-border drone operations throughout the European Union without additional approval required

Tel Aviv, IsraelJan. 31, 2024  — ParaZero Technologies Ltd. (Nasdaq: PRZO) (the “Company” or “ParaZero”), an aerospace company focused on drone safety systems for commercial drones and urban air mobility aircraft, announced it has facilitated one of its customers in obtaining the first-ever light uncrewed aircraft system (“UAS”) operator certificate (“LUC”) in Denmark.

The LUC is an organizational approval certificate granted by the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), which is an agency of the European Union (EU) with responsibility for civil aviation safety, that allows for cross-border operations throughout the EU without additional approval(s) required, enabling flight operations to be self-authorized by the LUC holder anywhere throughout EASA member states. Additionally, the LUC holder may operate a variety of UAS platforms under one single approval, offering a quantum change in the efficiency of drone aerial services, while maintaining safe operating conditions. The ParaZero SafeAir parachute system was utilized throughout the LUC application process to enable a broader range of advanced flight permissions, including operations over people, considered to be a highly sought-after flight permission.

Boaz Shetzer, Chief Executive Officer of ParaZero, commented “We are delighted to once again assist our customers in obtaining the essential approvals required for operating in their preferred settings. To date, we have contributed to enabling a significant number of global approvals for commercial UAS operations and are committed to continuing our role in facilitating the growth and expansion of the drone industry through enabling approvals for complex operations around the world.”

“This achievement marks the culmination of a two-year engagement with the Danish Civil Aviation and Railway Authority, and now offers our customer a single approval that provides access to an EU market of over half a billion customers,” commented Aaron GlinerParaZero’s Director of Business Development & Regulation.

ParaZero’s SafeAir is a UAS parachute recovery system that mitigates flight risks autonomously. The SafeAir system is equipped with integrated sensors that continuously monitor and analyze the drone’s flight patterns to identify any indications of a critical failure. When triggered, the SmartAir Pro™, ParaZero’s onboard computer, responds with an instantaneous activation of the SafeAir system. The system cuts power to the drone, alerts people on the ground with an audible alarm, and deploys a lightweight parachute, bringing the drone down to the ground in a safe, controlled descent.


About ParaZero Technologies

ParaZero ( ) is a world-leading developer of autonomous parachute safety systems for commercial drone and urban air mobility (UAM) aircraft. Started in 2014 by a passionate group of aviation professionals and drone industry veterans, ParaZero designs smart, autonomous parachute safety systems designed to enable safe flight operations overpopulated areas and beyond-visual-line-of-sight (BVLOS).