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ParaZero Develops New AI-Based Safety and Awareness System for Commercial Drones and Urban Air Mobility Aircraft

By Aaron GlinerSeptember 15, 2023eVTOL, Updates, Drone Delivery, OEM, Commercial Drones, Drone Safety, News, Parazero

ParaZero Technologies announces its next-generation safety product development, SmartAir Trinity, an AI-based avionics system, which utilizes a new, leading-edge sensor array with advanced capabilities, designed to detect malfunctions of UAS and eVTOL in real-time, and provide deep analytics for mission debriefings.

ParaZero’s next-generation avionics are built with sophisticated visual awareness cameras and a robust sensor-array malfunction detection system to enable unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) and electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft to conceive and analyze surroundings, similar to a human pilot, and mitigate flight risks autonomously.

The SmartAir Trinity system is comprised of sophisticated visual awareness cameras and an advanced sensor suite that enables UAS and eVTOL aircraft to understand their surroundings using artificial intelligence and machine learning technological capabilities. Its AI-embedded approach supports safety and risk mitigation in addition to over-the-air (OTA) firmware and configuration updates, keeping every platform up-to-date with the latest and most accurate algorithms and features.

Among a host of new safety capabilities, the SmartAir Trinity offers an optimized parachute deployment algorithm to enhance operational containment capabilities, detection and identification of safe landing zone and delivery site areas, GNSS-free navigation, redundancy system for onboard GPS, and monitoring the aircraft’s behavior with great operational insight.

“The commercial UAS and UAM markets continue to gain momentum, with ongoing technology releases, new aircraft development, and supportive global regulatory frameworks. In order for organizations to meet performance-based safety requirements and cut time-to-market, they look to leverage the most robust and effective safety systems and technologies; in those cases, legacy safety systems often won’t cut it,” said ParaZero Chief Product Officer, Yuval Gilad. “ParaZero’s safety product portfolio has played a critical role in ensuring the safety of urban air mobility and commercial drone flight operations around the world for many years. We are looking forward to offering our next generation safety technology to the industry at a pivotal time to address both integration needs from original equipment manufacturers and regulatory requirements, to enable every platform to reach its full potential.”

About ParaZero
ParaZero ( ) is a world-leading developer of autonomous parachute safety systems for commercial drones and urban air mobility (UAM) aircraft. Started in 2014 by a passionate group of aviation professionals and drone industry veterans, ParaZero designs smart, autonomous parachute safety systems designed to enable safe flight operations overpopulated areas, beyond-visual-line-of-sight (BVLOS).