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ParaZero Selected to Provide Parachute Recovery Systems for Bon V Heavy Lift Cargo Drones Under Multi-Year Partnership Agreement

Aaron Gabriel Gliner

Exclusive, multi-year partnership agreement will equip Bon V heavy lift cargo drones and eVTOL, 250kg and 650kg maximum takeoff weight (MTOW), with ParaZero SafeAir smart parachute recovery systems for increased safety and enablement of advanced operations in a variety of industrial and defense applications.


ParaZero, a world-leading provider of autonomous drone safety systems for commercial drones and urban air mobility (UAM) aircraft, has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Bon V, a leading Indian Aerospace manufacturer, to integrate ParaZero SafeAir parachute recovery systems with Bon V’s fleet of heavy-lift cargo drones and eVTOL aircraft.

Bon V provides AI-powered, unmanned aircraft vehicles (UAVs), including multi-utility, heavy lift cargo aircraft. The new partnership names ParaZero as an exclusive supplier of autonomous safety systems for Bon V’s range of aerial logistics platforms, ranging from 250kg to 650kg MTOW. Bon V plans to support the burgeoning drone logistics industry across a myriad of global industrial sectors.

“Bon V is revolutionizing aerial mobility and aerial logistics. We’re incredibly excited to partner with their engineers on integrating our world-class safety systems into the Bon V heavy-lift and urban air mobility fleet,” commented ParaZero’s CEO, Boaz Shetzer.

Equipping Bon V’s heavy lift drones with ParaZero SafeAir autonomous ballistic recovery systems (BRS) will provide critical safety, design, and regulatory benefits for Bon V and their

• Protects cargo and the surrounding environment in case of aircraft in-flight emergency
• Design-level, seamless integration of the ParaZero ballistic recovery system
• Enables applications for new airspace authorizations and flight permissions

Outside of the metropolitan areas, India’s rugged terrain and mountainous borders create a supply logistics challenge for Indian Defense Forces, disaster relief agencies, and commercial industries. While previously served by systems heavily reliant on pack animals to navigate mountain paths, Bon V offers an end-to-end aerial logistics solution that can deliver critical supplies to outlying areas in a fraction of the time, at a fraction of the cost, compared to traditional, current-state practices.

ParaZero’s onboard drone safety systems, SafeAir™ can be integrated with uncrewed vehicles and eVTOL platforms of any size. SafeAir constantly monitors a wide array of flight data to accurately detect a potential problem, deploying autonomously in the event of a failure. Equipped with ParaZero’s patented parachute technology, SafeAir systems have been used to facilitate regulatory acceptance an enable autonomous flight beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) in countries around the world by providing a fail-safe solution to mitigate ground risk.



About ParaZero:
ParaZero ( is a world-leading developer of autonomous drone safety systems. Started in 2014 by a passionate group of aviation professionals and drone industry veterans, ParaZero designs smart, autonomous parachute safety systems for commercial drones and advanced air mobility aircraft designed to enable safe flight operations for complex missions, including drone delivery, operations over populated areas, and beyond-visual-line-of-sight (BVLOS).


About Bon V:
Founded in 2021, Bon V ( is India’s first company to build a fuel cell-powered, multi-utility, carbon-free aircraft which can vertically take-off and land autonomously. Bon V is aiming to offer air travel in a smart, economic, and sustainable way through innovative design & development of electric aircraft (eVTOL) which can fly at high altitude and over challenging terrain. Bon V has received prestigious grants and awards in the mobility sector in India. Bon V has been selected by the Indian Army Design Bureau to work on defence projects.