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Speedbird Aero Receives First Multirotor ANAC Design Authorization for DLV-1 NEO Delivery Drone with Integrated SafeAir system

By ParaZeroMarch 1, 2022Uncategorized
Aaron Gliner

Equipped with ParaZero SafeAir systems, Speedbird Aero’s DLV-1 NEO delivery drone has received the first multirotor design authorization by Brazil’s National Civil Aviation Agency (ANAC) and granted permission for BVLOS drone delivery throughout Brazil


The National Civil Aviation Agency (ANAC), Brazil’s national aviation authority, has authorized Latin American drone delivery company, Speedbird Aero, to execute beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) commercial drone deliveries throughout Brazil. The DLV-1 NEO is authorized to carry payloads of up to 2.5 kg within a radius of 3 km, including in urban environments and BVLOS.

This is also the first multirotor design authorization granted by the Agency for the commercial operation of a drone used in product delivery, opening the door to a new sector for the country’s burgeoning drone industry.

This authorization for drone delivery is the result of more than one year of work with ANAC experts to prove the safety case for both aircraft and operations, which included multiple test missions and parachute deployments. ParaZero’s sophisticated safety systems and patented drone parachutes offer a mature, tested, and documented solution for drone safety and global regulatory compliance for advanced operations.

“We’re incredibly proud to be a supportive partner of this ground-breaking authorization in Brazil,” says Aaron Gabriel Gliner, ParaZero Director of Business Development and Regulation. “Speedbird Aero’s achievement will pave the way for advanced drone operations across the country. Drone delivery is a transformative technology – it has the power to revolutionize logistics.”

Drone delivery and other advanced applications in Brazil represent an enormous opportunity for the aerospace industry. Brazil is the world’s fifth largest country by land mass, with the sixth largest population. In addition to the tremendous opportunities for drone delivery in retail and healthcare, Brazil holds a leading position in mining, energy, and other industries heavily invested in UAS technologies. Future applications such as cargo delivery and advanced air mobility could be transformative for the entire continent.

“We are fully committed to flying safe first, in order to deliver an efficient and carbon-reduced drone delivery operation, and ParaZero´s equipment is key to this“, says Samuel Salomão, Speedbird´s CPO.

“ParaZero’s vision is to unlock the potential of the commercial drone industry through increasing safety and mitigating risk,” says Boaz Shetzer, ParaZero’s CEO. “In Brazil, delivery is only the beginning – as regulations allow, advanced drone operations will provide tremendous benefit for people and businesses across the country.”