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Beyond Small Drones: ParaZero Opens New Applications with Support for Heavier Drone Platforms

With parachute integration for drones ranging from 1kg to 350+kg, ParaZero offers a broad spectrum of safety support for the growing global UAS industry


Drones are becoming increasingly deployed for commercial applications, from drone logistics, public safety, surveying, photogrammetry, site monitoring, and industrial inspection. Equipping commercial drones with safety systems, including parachutes, is a proven method to help support successful safety cases for advanced UAS use cases across numerous global regions through SORA and other regulatory compliance methods.

Drones Are Increasing in Size and Capabilities

Heavier drone platforms – those ranging from 50 kg to 350 kg – open an entirely new field of applications, and support for these heavier weight classes is an area that ParaZero is strongly focused on. Heavier carrying capabilities and increased flight times enable a broader range of applications, including drone logistics, urban air mobility, military applications, and a myriad of other advanced use cases. In the disaster response, firefighting, and security sectors, heavier platforms are routinely performing critical operations, from fire suppression to border patrol. And, as drone delivery takes flight across the globe, heavier drone platforms offer the opportunity to carry increasingly heavier payloads, launching on-demand unmanned delivery of critical equipment for industrial applications. Cargo delivery, port logistics, and energy exploration are all among the fastest-growing sectors in the unmanned industry.

Parachute recovery systems are more critical than ever to help enable advanced UAS platforms to perform missions as safely as possible, and serve as a critical last line of defense in case of an emergency. Safety systems such as ParaZero’s SafeAir allow operators to mitigate operational risks to bystanders, as well as protect expensive payloads and assets.


ParaZero is Busy Developing Tomorrow’s Drone Safety Technology, Today

ParaZero has taken a leadership position in the global drone ecosystem, working with regulators, manufacturers, and operators to establish an effective framework for managing risk. “We’ve developed a flexible suite of solutions that encompasses a wide range of unmanned aircraft, with different systems for each weight class. These systems are designed to precisely monitor a wide variety of elements during every second of a flight” added Yuval Gilad, ParaZero’s Chief Product Officer. SafeAir can automatically identify a potential problem, and react instantly, arresting the flight and launching a patented ballistic parachute system to mitigate the ground risk class of an operation.

ParaZero is known for off-the-shelf safety products for a range of popular commercial drones, however the company’s focus also includes working with UAS manufacturers to develop completely new, bespoke systems from the design stage. Custom designed parachute launchers cater to unique, aerodynamic, weight, and operational requirements of newly developed unmanned systems.

“A new sector of larger commercial drone platforms is rapidly emerging. ParaZero maintains a strong focus on offering the global UAS industry the broadest range of safety support, working with virtually any aircraft design, weight, and flight profile” commented ParaZero’s Director of Business Development and Regulation, Aaron Gabriel Gliner.


About ParaZero Limited

ParaZero ( is a world-leading developer of autonomous drone safety systems. Started in 2014 by a passionate group of aviation professionals and drone industry veterans, ParaZero designs smart, autonomous parachute safety systems for commercial drones designed to enable safe flight operations over populated areas and beyond-visual-line-of-sight (BVLOS).


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