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ParaZero, Blue White Robotics, Easy Aerial Collaborate to Provide End-to-End Autonomous Solutions for First Responders

Aaron Gliner

ParaZero SafeAir solutions have been chosen to provide safety systems enabling an end-to-end autonomous solution, in a collaboration with leading fleet management and Command and Control (C2) provider Blue White Robotics and Easy Aerial, manufacturer of fully autonomous, drone-in-a-box solutions.

Blue White Robotics is the developer of autonomy technology solutions that enable utilization of a variety of autonomous vehicles, from farm equipment to advanced air mobility and commercial drone solutions.

Easy Aerial designs and manufactures military-grade drone-in-a-box solutions. These autonomous systems are designed to provide protection and situational awareness solutions even in the most hostile of environments – solutions that can be automatically deployed and commanded remotely from any location around the world.


Delivering a New Standard for Autonomous Aerial Solutions for First Responders  

The new collaboration will provide customers with a fully integrated and easily implemented end-to-end solution for municipalities and first responders. As a result, robust, military-grade autonomous drones from Easy Aerial will be equipped with ParaZero safety systems, operated and managed through the “Soteria” C2 platform, jointly developed by Blue White Robotics and Easy Aerial under the DHS BIRD foundation grant.

The Soteria platform provides a user interface that plans and executes autonomous missions, utilizing remote sensing, AI, and data analytics. Soteria is a multi-drone, multi-type, and multi-mission planning and command & control software system for routine missions and emergency events. Soteria enables autonomous (and BVLOS) missions, day and night. The autonomous missions can be pre-scheduled and simulated or be controlled by a remote operator. Soteria APIs allow quick integration with existing VMS or any other type of C2.

Enabling safe, remote drone missions which can be performed beyond visual line of sight requires safety solutions that ensure the protection of people and property below. ParaZero’s iconic parachute and autonomous safety solutions have been distributed to over 70 countries, providing the highest level of safety for a wide cross-section of platforms and industries, and created a new benchmark in low altitude parachute deployments with effective kinetic energy reduction with minimal altitude loss.

Together, the three companies offer a game-changing drone-based solution for first responders, who will be able to launch a drone mission and receive real-time situational awareness at a remote operations center before deploying additional resources or personnel, ensuring the safety of both public safety officers and the community.

“We’re proud to be part of this collaboration, helping to keep communities safe as we enable new and advanced drone applications with the highest level of safety integrated from the design stage,” said Aaron Gabriel Gliner, ParaZero Director of Business Development and Regulation. “This end-to-end solution sets a new standard for using unmanned aerial systems for public safety.”



About Blue White Robotics:
Blue White Robotics was founded in 2017 by ex-IAF pilots and engineers with over 20 years of operations experience in autonomous air & ground technologies. From the first autonomous shuttle implementation in Israel to autonomous farms in California, Blue White Robotics combines technology, regulation, and operation services to revolutionize industries through autonomy. Learn more at

About Easy Aerial:
Founded by a group of former military personnel and aerospace, robotics, and software engineers, Easy Aerial has built the market’s most robust airborne security systems. Going above and beyond the standard one-size-fits-all solution, only Easy Aerial offers military-grade systems tailored to meet a variety of operational requirements. Learn more at

About ParaZero:
ParaZero is the leading global provider of drone safety systems, enabling advanced drone missions around the world and helping to develop the regulatory standards that will allow autonomous missions beyond visual line of sight, flight over people, and last mile delivery at scale. Learn more at