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ParaZero Drone Safety Systems Integrated into DS30 Hydrogen Fuel Cell UAS

By ParazeroMarch 22, 2021Partnerships, OEM, Commercial Drones, Drone Safety, News
Doosan DS30 drone with ParaZero parachute - Aaron Gliner

Aaron Gabriel Gliner

Aaron Gliner


A bespoke OEM version of the ParaZero SafeAir drone safety system has been integrated into Doosan Mobility Innovation’s (DMI) DS30 commercial UAS, providing a safety solution for enterprise customers performing advanced operations.

Doosan’s DS30 hydrogen fuel cell UAS won the Innovation Award at the 2020 Consumer Electronics Show (CES). The novel design and safety features of the DS30 are outstanding in the industry – and ParaZero’s leading drone safety system is an integral part of the solution.

Doosan’s DS30 is designed to be different: it looks different, it flies differently, and it offers a different level of performance. Described as the world’s first mass-manufactured hydrogen fuel cell drone, the DS30 is an octocopter; engineered to optimize thrust efficiency and to achieve a flight endurance of two hours. In that two hours, Doosan’s new hybrid can cover a distance of 80 km – almost 50 miles. The DS30 can accommodate a wide variety of payloads, from visual cameras to multispectral and LiDAR sensors. Sophisticated engineering, a flexible payload system, and a great user experience make the DS30 ideal for enterprise operations. With a flight range of nearly 50 miles, Doosan has built the DS30 to anticipate the need for regulatory approvals for flight Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) and advanced use cases.

Aaron GlinerEvery aspect of the DS30’s design has been carefully crafted to optimize performance and safety. ParaZero engineers worked with the Doosan team from the design stage to integrate their unique drone safety system into the DS30. The DS30 has been equipped with a new and enhanced version of ParaZero’s sophisticated SmartAir Pro™ onboard computer and sensors to provide safety for all mission stakeholders and enable advanced operations.

Doosan Mobility’s Business Development Manager, Soonsuk Roh, said “ensuring our DS30 not only complies, but exceeds, the most stringent safety standards set by the world’s civil aviation regulators is a key differentiator for our rollout of what we believe is an industry-leading endurance drone. We are therefore proud to be working with ParaZero, the industry leader in drone safety systems.”

ParaZero’s Director of Business Development & Regulation, Aaron Gabriel Gliner, added: “We are delighted to welcome Doosan Mobility Innovation as a strategic partner to enhance the safety of their unique hydrogen fuel cell-powered DS30 drone, which helps ensure safe, secure advanced operations for their customers.”

ParaZero has worked with airspace regulators around the world to develop the SafeAir system and have been instrumental in contributing to the development of worldwide standards for drone parachute systems.

The ParaZero SafeAir is a sophisticated, high-performance safety system designed to mitigate flight risks autonomously. Created by a team of engineers to solve problems they experienced in the field while operating commercial and military UAS, the SafeAir system uses independent sensors to monitor and analyze flight patterns and flight data of the drone in order to immediately detect any sign of a critical failure. When triggered, SmartAir Pro™ responds with an instantaneous activation of the drone safety system. The drone safety system alerts people on the ground with an audible alarm, the system cuts power to the drone, eliminating any risk of injury from propellers, and autonomously deploys the parachute.

The DS30’s integrated drone safety system can be certified compliant with ASTM F3322-18 standards, a critical element of applications for waivers to perform advanced UAS operations. For enterprise customers, the DS30’s integrated drone safety system is one more reason this innovative hybrid is worth the investment.

About ParaZero: ParaZero is a leading developer of drone safety systems. Started in 2014 by a passionate group of aviation professionals and drone industry veterans, ParaZero designs smart, autonomous parachute safety systems for commercial drones designed to enable safe flight operations over populated areas and beyond-visual-line-of-sight (BVLOS). For more information, visit

About Doosan Mobility Innovation (DMI): DMI is a wholly owned subsidiary of Doosan Corporation, a multinational Fortune 500 company. DMI is focused on the mobile applications of fuel cell technology, and advancing the UAS industry with innovative applications for long-endurance flight. For more information, visit