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Aaron Gliner

Before June 2019, waivers for Part 107.39, Operations over human beings, were considered one of the most coveted and difficult to secure.

The launch of ParaZero’s ASTM F3322-18 compliant SafeAir Phantom + Professional Kit was a game changer for the industry as it opened the door to the first off-the-shelf replicable and scalable solution for operations over people. ParaZero’s ASTM compliant SafeAir Mavic + Professional Kit, that was launched shortly after, increased the interest and reach of the solution. On September 16th, 2019 ParaZero celebrated 20 approved ops over people waivers with our systems, today, we are excited to announce that ParaZero has since doubled the number of approved waivers. Waiver #40 was approved this morning for the Hollywood Bowl.

ParaZero’s parachute systems are currently the only off-the-shelf systems that have been successfully used for 107.39 waivers over uninvolved people. 

ParaZero is pleased to be working with some of the most innovative UAS companies in the world. Below you will find the complete list of companies that have received FAA Part 107.39 waivers using ParaZero’s systems:

  1. Hensel Phelps
  2. Beverly Hills Aerial
  3. Alaska Aerial Media
  4. North Dakota Department of Transportation
  5. Verizon Media
  6. Kent Moyer
  7. Drone Masters Pro
  8. Aliens and Machines
  9. America Rail Engineers
  10. Lars Larsen
  11. Burleigh County Sheriff’s Department
  12. Cable News Network (CNN)
  13. North Dakota Highway Patrol
  14. Ryders Alley United
  15. Mid-Atlantic Drones
  16. Fox Television Station
  17. Burns & McDonnell Engineering
  18. Helios Visions
  19. Eye-Bot
  20. Measure UAS
  21. Pikes Peak Aerial
  22. Influential Drones
  23. Slipstream Live Productions
  24. Namestuck Creative
  25. Swankrain Studios
  26. Morrison-Maierle, Inc.
  27. Florida Power & Light Company
  28. Airzus, Inc.
  29. L-Vision LLC
  30. Greenman-Pedersen, Inc.
  31. Regents of the University of California
  32. University of Texas at El Paso
  33. DroneDeploy
  34. Enable Creative
  35. Blue Mantle Media
  36. Carzeil Outlaw
  37. SkySkopes, Inc.
  38. Dean Klapatch
  39. JDK Designs, Inc.
  40. Hollywood Bowl

To join this incredible group of companies leading the way, learn more about the compliance and testing process behind ParaZero’s SafeAir Professional Kit click here.

To purchase the SafeAir + Professional Kit that was used in these granted waivers click here.