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Aaron Gabriel Gliner

Since Part 107 came into effect in the summer of 2016, UAS operators in the United States have attempted to figure out how to get FAA approval to operate over people.

These attempts had very limited success as thousands of waiver applications were rejected. All that changed this past June. Hensel Phelps, a general contractor out of Colorado, successfully secured a 107.39 for operations over people using the new ParaZero SafeAir + ASTM Professional Kit.

The ASTM compliant SafeAir System broke through the waiver barrier and has proven to be the only truly scalable solution for operations over people. In the 3 months since the Hensel Phelps waiver, a total of 20 waivers for operations over people have been approved!

ParaZero is pleased to be working with some of the most innovative UAS companies in the world. Below you will find the complete list of companies (and their vertical) that have received FAA Part 107.39 waivers using ParaZero’s systems:

  1. Hensel Phelps – Construction
  2. Beverly Hills Aerial – Photography/cinematography (this waiver included a clause that also allows flight over moving vehicles on a closed-set)
  3. Alaska Aerial Media – Survey/mapping
  4. North Dakota Department of Transportation – Government
  5. Verizon Media – News/Media
  6. Kent Moyer – Security
  7. Drone Masters Pro LLC – Photography/cinematography, real-estate, construction
  8. Aliens and Machines – Photography/cinematography
  9. America Rail Engineers – Engineering
  10. Lars Larsen – Event photography
  11. Burleigh County Sheriff’s Department – Government
  12. Cable News Network (CNN) – News/Media
  13. North Dakota Highway Patrol – Government
  14. Ryders Alley United – Media
  15. Mid-Atlantic Drones – Photography/cinematography
  16. Fox Television Station – News/Media
  17. Burns & McDonnell Engineering – Construction
  18. Helios Visions – Mapping, photography, real estate
  19. Eye-Bot – Survey, mapping
  20. Measure UAS – Inspections, construction, solar, wind

To join this incredible group of companies leading the way, learn more about the ParaZero ASTM Professional Kit click here.

To purchase the SafeAir + ASTM Professional Kit that was used in these granted waivers click here.