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Second Waiver for Flight Over People Using ParaZero’s SafeAir Granted by FAA

By ParazeroJune 14, 2019Commercial Drones, Drone Safety, News
aaron gliner

Less than two weeks after the first waiver was granted to general contractor Hensel Phelps using
ParaZero’s SafeAir Phantom and ASTM Professional Kit, drone cinematography company, Beverly
Hills Aerial secured a similar waiver. This waiver confirms that the process, using ParaZero’s ASTM
compliant product, is indeed replicable and scalable, as stated in the FAA press release.

From the FAA press release, dated June 5th : This process is scalable and available to other applicants
who propose to use the same drone and parachute combination. The FAA will require each applicant
to provide the testing, documentation, and statement of compliance listed in ASTM3322-18 in their
applications using the same drone and parachute combination.

The waiver for Beverly Hills Aerial also includes a clause that allows them to operate over moving
vehicles on closed-set sites (flight over moving vehicles is often excluded from waivers from flight
over people). This is important for the company as their clients include major car companies as well
as film and TV studios and networks.

To learn more about the ParaZero ASTM Professional Kit click here.
To purchase the SafeAir Phantom + ASTM Professional Kit that were used in the recently granted
waivers, click here.