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Don’t Fly Your DJI Matrice 200 or DJI Matrice 210 Without This

The DJI Matrice 200 and Matrice 210 is DJI’s top-of-the-line drone. Priced from $9000 to $25,000, the M200 series comes in three versions and can carry payloads worth thousands of dollars. The M200M210 users include law enforcement, firefighters, construction companies, inspection services and more. The drone will be utilized in a wide variety of operational and civilian environments, and above both people and sensitive infrastructure.

The DJI M200M210 comes equipped with several redundancies, however the M-200 and M-210 drone is still prone to other hardware, software, and pilot error risks that could lead to a potential crash. That is why it requires a safety solution; a backup system that guarantees recovery when all else fails. Introducing the SafeAir.


SafeAir was developed by ParaZero, developer, designer and manufacturer of drone safety system for over 3 years. ParaZero launched SafeAir, to solve the industry’s primary challenge – safe operations, especially above people.

SafeAir M-200 and SafeAir M-210 is equipped with a lightweight pyrotechnic parachute triggered autonomously during emergencies, removing the possibility of human error factor and providing rapid reaction time in cases of critical failure, even during BVLOS operations. During deployment, a built-in flight termination system cuts off the power to the engine and motors.
The SafeAir M-200M-210 system has been tested in extreme conditions and scenarios. It meets high standards, has unmatched reliability in the industry, and certified according to aerospace quality standard of design.


By using SafeAir an operator can expand to new business opportunities by being able to fly everywhere, safely, and in accordance to regulation requirements. Having the SafeAir on board protects the drone, the payload, people, property and the company brand. Enable you to operate everywhere, safely.

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