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Take Your DJI Matrice 600 To The Next Level With ParaZero SafeAir

DJI’s Matrice 600 (M600) is DJI’s high end commercial drone designed for professional aerial photography and various industrial applications. M600 is DJI’s heaviest drone can carry up to 6 kg of payload reaching a maximum take off weight (MTOW) of 15.5 kg, carrying various payloads worth up to thousands of dollars.

The M600 itself comes equipped with several redundancies such as the A3 autopilot self-adaptive flight systems that adjust flight parameters and six batteries that can be turned on and off with a button and the drone will stay in the air if one fails. However the M-600 drone is still prone to many other risks both mechanical and software, that could lead to a potential crash. That is why an expensive investment like the M-600 requires a safety net – a backup system that would provide recovery when all else fails.
Parazero is a drone safety solutions company, specializes in the development and manufacturing of innovative safety systems for UAVs, providing a complete safety net for different drone platforms. Parazero uses SafeAirTM, a cutting-edge drone safety system, to solve the industry’s primary challenge – safety. Parazero has been designing and selling drone safety systems for the past 4 years focusing on commercial systems.

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The accumulated experience led to the creation of the M-600 SafeAirTM system.

The M-600 SafeAirTM systems was tested in extreme conditions and scenarios reaching the highest standards in the industry and certified according to aerospace quality standard of design.
The system is equipped with the SmartAirTM computer, that provides autonomous deployment during emergencies, removing the human error factor and providing rapid reaction time in cases of critical failure.

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The patented deployment technology provides 0.25 second response time compared to 2-5 seconds offered by competitors making it effective at low altitude and setting a new benchmark. The deployment is effective even at extreme angles. SafeAirTM recovery system will also shut the drone’s engine down during activation to prevent parachute string entanglement in the drone rotors.
The low altitude deployment is enabled by the patented deployment, combined with autonomous activation leads to rapid response preventing the crash, protecting the drone, the payload and people and infrastructure underneath.

The system is compatible with all M-600 configurations: M-600, M-600 PRO, M-600 with D-RTK, including the 5-antenna configuration.

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The system, features fast and easy integration: less than 15 minutes and can be removed easily. To ensure more flight time and increased payload flexibility ParaZero SafeAir™ systems are made from light, composite materials, and designed to fit any payload configuration.


By using SafeAir™ the operator is expanding to new business opportunities by being able to fly everywhere, safely. protecting the drone, payload, people, property and your brand.