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The Future of Drone Delivery

Aaron Gliner
Flirtey Dominos Pizza Delivery
Flirtey delivery drone performing pizza delivery for Domino’s in New Zealand

ParaZero’s risk mitigation system is composed of an independent emergency back-up computer, a patented deployment mechanism, and a parachute to reduce kinetic energy, in cases of fatal emergencies. Noticeably, the ACSL drone’s architecture is designed to enable maximum safety, and still, with a mature perception, have decided to add additional safety capabilities. The ParaZero SafeAir system, independent computer has independent sensors, to identify those rare cases of potential loss of control, and Autonomously initiate recovery.

Amazon Prime Air Delivery Drone
Amazon Prime Air delivery drone

The SafeAir patented technology enables deployment of a parachute in fractions of a second, and minimal altitude loss, thus is effective also at hovering at low altitudes. The SafeAir, is like a virtual safety net, providing additional redundancy. The selection of ParaZero’s smart and autonomous solution was done after evaluation of various solutions, and was selected due to best performance and reliability. Having the ParaZero SafeAir system on board, will enable drones to fly near people, while reducing risk, and providing the additional safety to pave the path for drone deliveries.

A variety of real ┬ádrone delivery scenarios are tested prior to being delivered to the customer. The system’s is effective and reliable even during extreme roll angles.
A simple drone delivery can include many risks as part of the operation, and this would mean that only a system that provides safety under any circumstances is reliable enough for drone delivery.

80 degree angle parachute deployment
80 degree angle parachute deployment. SafeAir pyrotechnic parachute is designed for different flight scenarios.

With SafeAir onboard the delivery drone can recover in cases of loss of control, free fall, complete loss of power, and other critical emergencies, defined by the OEM. ParaZero’s solutions are custom made in collaboration with the drone manufacturer’s needs, and calibrated based on actual drone behavior and characteristics.
ParaZero’s technology unlocks the full potential of the delivery drone industry.

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