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Autonomous Drone Safety

ParaZero’s SafeAir is the #1 safety system on the market for commercial drones. SafeAir protects bystanders on the ground, prevents loss of payload and safeguards your drone equipment by ensuring your drone always lands safely.

ParaZero’s solutions are designed to comply with the future regulation that enables safe flight operations over populated areas and beyond visual line of site.

After Market

SafeAir for DJI drone platforms


SafeAir customized per drone

Urban Air Mobility

SafeAir for passenger & heavy drones

ParaZero’s SafeAir enables safe drone operations across all industries including


public safety


news & media



Future Ready Today

First Ever FAA Waiver for Flight Over People with a Parachute System

Phantom 4 drones equipped with SafeAir Phantom received the first FAA waiver for flight over people with a parachute system. ParaZero’s drone safety solutions enable drones to operate safely over populated areas and beyond visual line of sight by removing human intervention to trigger emergency safety measures.

Authorities recognize ParaZero’s expertise in drone safety technology and we are an active member in various drone programs contributing to the standardization for safe drone operations alongside some of the world’s leading companies.

Drone Insurance for Peace of Mind

Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty, one of the world’s largest insurance companies, entered into a partnership with ParaZero to provide UAS operators, that equip drones with ParaZero’s SafeAir systems, with special incentives and discounts on their drone insurance policies.

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Industry Quotes

Safety is a core value at Hensel Phelps. Utilizing UAS, equipped with ParaZero’s SafeAir Systems, on our job sites allows us to operate more efficiently and accurately and we are committed to leveraging this technology as safely as possible.

Richard LopezNational UAS Operations Executive for Hensel Phelps

DJI is pleased that its drones are increasingly being used as a platform for safety solutions in advanced operations, such as flight over people. As regulators worldwide develop the framework for beneficial drone uses, DJI drones, using innovative solutions from companies like ParaZero, are positioned to expand the scope of vital applications such as search and rescue, newsgathering, and public safety.

Brendan SchulmanVP of Policy & Legal Affairs, DJI

Third-party validation of the SafeAir Safety System for the Mavic is a necessary step for the industry to help advance operations of small UAS in various environments. With the partnership from ParaZero, we are one step closer to realizing routine flight operations over persons on the ground.

Nicholas FlomExecutive Director of the Northern Plains UAS Test Site

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