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Best-in-Class Drone Safety Solutions

ParaZero SafeAir™ Drone Safety System

ParaZero specializes in the design, development and manufacturing of drone safety solutions for commercial drones.
Our SafeAir safety box independently monitors the flight operation of the drone which in case of drone failure, triggers a patented ballistic parachute to provide a controlled descent rate, warns bystanders underneath and communicates with the UTM (Unmanned Traffic System).

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Completely Autonomous

ParaZero’s SafeAirTM uses its independent sensors to monitor the drone’s systems and flight patterns to detect critical failures, and identify emergencies.

Drone Agnostic

Our SafeAirTM system is compatible to fit with any different aerial systems.


Safety First

The SafeAirTM drone safety technology is designed to meet and exceed future FAA safety standards.

Commercial Aviation Reliability

SafeAir™ provides affordable commercial aviation reliability. Last resort, risk mitigation & energy reduction system.


Low Altitude

SafeAirTM is No. 1 in low altitude, all angle effectiveness, deploys in fractions of a second with the least altitude loss.

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Compatible with Regulation and Standards

"The fact Airobotics' drone is equipped with a Parazero SafeAir™ system was pivotal in our decision to authorize the world's first autonomous drone flight."

Head of Airworthiness Division, CAAI


Commercial Aviation Reliability at Affordable Cost

ParaZero protects professional commercial drone manufacturers and users to include Industrial, Government, and Corporate. We adhere to strict high standards with the utmost reliability, with MTBCF of 10-7 ParaZero’s innovative drone safety solutions protect drone, people, and your company brand.


Custom Made

ParaZero designed and manufactured custom made safety systems for top commercial UAS manufacturers and service providers. The smart SafeAirTM system is tailor made to communicate with different auto pilot systems and attach to various platforms. Parazero’s smart UAV safety solutions are in use in all segments including construction, inspection, film, news & media, 3D mapping, delivery, HLS, mining and manned personal transportation.

Fly Everywhere. SafeAir™

SafeAirTM Safety System is the only solution protecting drones flying as low as 5 meters altitude

SafeAirTM is compatible with different aerial systems including:
Drones, UAS, RPAS, UAV, fixed wing, manned, unmanned, single rotor, multi rotor and hybrid platforms.

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